Origin of OneDream.Org
OneDream.Org originated as a data modeling challenge sometime in the summer of 1999. I described an online database that matched people based on the contents of their dreams, offering automated symbol interpretations based on user preferences (i.e. Jungian, Freudian, Feminist, etc). People I discovered, especially those involved in creative pursuits, are fascinated about being connected in unknown ways. Enthusiasm for the idea surfaced every time I described the project.

My brother, however, saw a larger purpose. Having a degree in Holistic Healing, he saw a venue for helping people in an unexpected way. This project, in fact, matches the tagline for his web development business, LRB-Creations; “Aiding the evolution of humanity through the expansion of information technology.” Contemplation of dreams in a structured environment can challenge us mentally and therefore stimulate us physically, promoting the healing process.


  • Provide a forum for creative people to express in poetry or prose, their dream recollections, exposing unknown connections in the process.
  • Build a non profit service aiding the healing process. I hope this platform appeals to healers as a tool for administrating care.

Our word to you - Terms of service

Although we have structured the site as a public list of dreams, your personal information is private.

You decide what can and can’t be shared.

Also: We will never trade, give away, or sell your information.

Please feel free to contact me about OneDream.Org

John Arthur Ligda
(415) 647-0457